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Complete Teen program 32 hours in class and 14 hours behind the wheel with us for only $425

If you already have a permit and just need the 14 hours behind the wheel. we have you covered, total cost $375

If you are having trouble scheduling drive times, can take a transfer and finish it with us. We have plenty of slots available.

Teen Courses (Ages 15 -17) Cost $425

  • Classroom (virtual)  – 32 Hours
  • Behind-the-Wheel – 7 Hours
  • Observation – 7 Hours
  • Road Rules and Road Signs Tests for Learners’ License.


Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Only Cost $70/Hour

  • Experienced/certified Instructor
  • School provides car
  • For teenagers with permits 7 hours of driving and 7 hours of observation cost $375

Adult Course (Ages 18 and Up) Cost $100

  • Classroom (virtual) – 6 Hours
  • Road Rules and Road Signs Tests for Learners’ License
  • Permit test given after the class

ROAD TEST (ages 16 & up) $100

  • We provide the car with insurance for the test (can use your own car too)
  • Help you schedule the appointment at DPS
  • Give you a sealed folder to take to DPS
  • If fail the first time, $50 for the second try.

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